The mission

We are building Rita with a sole purpose: Empowering users and their data.

Our inspiration started from digital law, the GDPR in particular. We think that data is an important part of everyone’s daily life and that’s why everyone should be able to understand it and manage it with a few simple steps. The decision of what to do with it should be in the user's hands and based on a clear understanding of what data is and how it can be used.

Users should be in control of the data they generate and be able to benefit from it’s value. The GDPR was a step in the right direction, that’s why we’re leveraging it to make data ownership practical and accessible. As our world moves to a digital and data-driven economy, Rita’s role is to hand you the keys to your data.

Once you’ve been handed the keys, it’s up to you to manage this powerful resource. With great power comes great responsibility! But don’t worry, Rita’s here to guide you along the way!

The Team


image of founder

John’s passion lies in solving societal challenges through disruptive technology. His love for blockchain and privacy-enhancing technologies drove him to Rita’s solution. As strategic lead, his mind is always on the future of data economy. You’ll catch him being in nature in his spare time.


image of founder

Guglielmo enjoys making complex things understandable. His expertise in consumer applications and user experience is what makes Rita so clear and easy to use. Driven by innovation in the data landscape he puts his heart into our marketing operations. Next to Rita, Guglielmo only makes time for Genoa FC’s games.


image of developer

Anderson brings perfectionism and robustness to the table. As technical lead with an incredible eye for detail, he makes sure Rita users' data is always safe and secure. A master in React Native and loves optimising development processes. If you like rock music, get in touch with him, he’s excellent with snares.


image of developer

For Armandas, (Army) nothing is impossible. No challenge is big enough for him. Having started coding at the age of 6, he dances through technical problems with swift and accuracy. His advanced experience in cryptography supported the development of Rita’s privacy-safe solution.


image of developer

Kuanysh (Kuka) is a real go-getter. As a backend developer he challenges the status quo to find the best way of designing a solution. His coding speed is what drives Rita such a fast-paced company. Kuka has won many hackathons and awards for his problem solving capabilities.


image of designer

What makes Rita so unique? It’s Petra. Her flawless designs achieve something extraordinary: making data human-centric. She takes on this ambitious challenge with great drive and motivation. Petra is always on the move, she’s lived all over the world.


image of Stefano

Stefano’s entrepreneurial mindset and in-depth understanding of customer data challenges keeps Rita going in the optimal direction. Driven by pushing himself out of his comfort zone, he inspires our team to challenge assumptions and verify ideas. You’ll find him running next to the Hudson River for inspiration and clearing his mind.

Our goal

Rita strongly believes in a democratised data economy, where any internet user can access their data without effort.

We aim to empower any user, by providing a secure way of understanding and managing personal data.

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