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Our Story

We’ve built Rita with a sole purpose: Enabling transparent and user-centric data transactions.

Our inspiration started from digital law, the GDPR in particular. We think that data is an important part of everyone’s daily life and that’s why everyone should be able to understand it and manage it with a few simple steps. The decision of what to do with it should be in the users’ hands and based on a clear understanding of what data is and how it can be used.

Users should be in control of the data they generate and be able to benefit from it’s value. The GDPR was a step in the right direction, that’s why we’re leveraging it to make data ownership practical and accessible. As our world moves to a digital and data-driven economy, Rita’s role is to hand you the keys to your data.

Once you’ve been handed the keys, it’s up to you to manage this powerful resource. With great power comes great responsibility! But don’t worry, Rita’s here to guide you along the way!

Who we are

We are inspired by DATA
We are courageous about OWNERSHIP
We are creative for CONTROL
We are eager to build RELATIONSHIPS
We are passionate about SOLUTIONS
We are responsible about the FUTURE


Rita strongly believes in a democratised data economy, where any internet user can access their data without effort.

We aim to empower any user, by providing a secure way of understanding and managing personal data.