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Rita is a tool that helps you understand and control your online data and privacy, safely and immediately. Whenever you want. For free.

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Let Rita guide you

You don’t need to be a data engineer to understand and control your data. We make it easy for you with a couple of clicks.

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With our tutorials and intuitive dashboard you can collect and visualize your data in minutes.



Everything is done in the browser; no need to download and install.


We never have access to your data since it’s stored on your personal device.


How to take control of your data?


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Get My Data


Get My Data


Get My Data


Sign up and within a few clicks, understand your data from your favorite websites. With the help of our guide you’ll have all the information about you stored securely.


Let our tool analyze your data and visualize it so you can understand what companies know about you and do with your data. Get an immediate overview of your digital footprint.

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Choose which information companies can and can’t access. Rita’s data management tools allow you to be in full control within seconds.

Is my data safe with you?

We can't and don't want to see your data.

You file is encrypted and stored on your device, so we can’t access it. You are the only one who has access and can choose who can and can’t look at it.

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Still not sure?

If you change your mind you can delete your file from Rita dashboard any time. Forever.

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How does Rita make money?

Our revenue model is based on subscription, not selling data.

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  • Store data
  • Manage data
  • Restrict data access
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  • Collect data
  • Access dashboard
  • Store data
  • Manage data
  • Restrict data access

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Our mission

Rita strongly believes in a democratised data economy, where any internet user can access their data without effort.

We aim to empower any user, by providing a secure way of understanding and managing personal data.

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What our users say.


"Rita gave me trust and transparency. What really appeals to me is that it allows me to take control of data that I wasn’t even aware I was giving away to big companies."


“Rita helped me understand the value of my data”


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