Privacy Policy

We insist on making our privacy policy understandable and transparent.
Please reach out if there is anything that is lacking clarity or if you have suggestions.

Privacy Policy for Rita Personal Data

At Rita Data B.V., accessible at, our main priority is the privacy of our visitors. We do not use any trackers or cookies, and this Privacy Policy document outlines the types of information collected and recorded by Rita Personal Data, how we use it, and why. Our mission at Rita is to put you in control of your personal data.

Protect your Privacy

All your personal information is securely stored on our servers hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Paris, France, using a 3-layer encryption database. If you decide to create a Rita Account or share your email with us for feedback, we will store your email address on our servers.

Rita will never:
  • Share personal information with third-parties without your consent
  • Identify your close contacts
  • Save personal data without your explicit consent
  • Share personal data without your explicit consent
  • Perform any action on your behalf other than the actions you request in the App (Get data, Delete data, Manage ads settings)
  • You choose

    We always give you the freedom of choice:

  • Which data you connect to your account (aka. data wallet)
  • Request us to remove your data from our servers anytime
  • Keep your data for yourself or share it with partners to earn rewards
  • Privacy-by-Design

    Private is private. We genuinely care about your privacy. Rita App is designed with maximum protection of your privacy in mind. Here is how:
  • Your personal data is stored securely on our servers using a 3-layer encryption database hosted on AWS in Paris, France
  • Your personal data is not shared with third parties, only anonymous and aggregated insights are being shared if you decide to earn rewards
  • Independent specialists were consulted for feedback on the design of our systems during development
  • The personal data you collect is fully encrypted, using AES-256 standards
  • The principles of Privacy by Design were consulted when developing the App and making architectural choices

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    According to the GDPR, Rita is the “Data Controller” of your information. We have predefined how your data is processed, making us legally hold such status. The personal data you collect from “sources” does not leave our servers without your explicit consent. We store your login credentials, email, and password (encrypted), and the date and time you create your account. If you want us to remove your email address and delete your account, this can be done through the app in the “Profile” tab or by contacting us at We will do this right away. In certain circumstances, you have the following data protection rights:

  • The right to access
  • The right to erasure
  • The right of rectification
  • The right to object
  • The right of restriction
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to withdraw consent

  • With complaints about our privacy practices, you can reach out to the data protection authorities ( Please reach out to us first; we are accessible and always eager to hear about any concerns to improve.

    Why we collect your data & what data we collect

    By default, we store your login credentials, email, and password (encrypted), and the date and time you create your account on our servers. Once you choose to request your data from a third-party service, the data is encrypted, processed, and stored on our servers. Here is an overview of when we store your data on our servers and for which purpose:

    Account creation:
  • Data type: Email Address
  • Purpose: Needed to protect your data and log you into your account

  • Control data feature:
  • Data type: Email Address, Online Interactions
  • Purpose: This information is required to send out Right to be Forgotten requests on your behalf if you request companies to delete your data

  • Earn Rewards:
  • Data type: Aggregated Online Interaction Data from third-party services connected to Rita. For example, 2000 people have looked for red cars this week.
  • Purpose: If you choose to share insights with Rita Trusted Partners or rewards, we aggregate data from users and turn it into customer insights. (e.g For example, 2000 people have looked for red cars this week) This increases the value of your data while ensuring we do not sharing personal or invasive data.
  • Important Note: Data sharing with Rita Partner Brands is always anonymous unless you explicitly choose to share your personal information.

  • Web Extension:
  • Data type: Browsing history.
  • Purpose: Track which companies have your data, track number of cookies tracking you and monetisation of your data in exchange for rewards.
  • Important Note: Data sharing with Rita Partner Brands is always anonymous unless you explicitly choose to share your personal information through surveys.

  • Cash-out Rewards feature:
  • Data type: Email, Full name and Stripe ID (Payment Partner)
  • Purpose: When you cash in your rewards, we send you the rewards through Stripe

  • Request data removal at any time, and we will delete everything within 30 days. Send an email to:

    Third-party processing of your data

    Rita securely stores your data on a Postgres server provided by AWS, located in AWS “Euro data center hub” Paris, France.

    We use Stripe Payments Europe, Limited for sending rewards and Sendinblue for sending emails. Therefore, we need to share your email address with these companies.

    To optimize our Mobile App, we collect data about crashes and interactions - we use Mixpanel and Firebase to track these.

    How to contact us

    If you have any questions about Rita’s privacy policy, the data we hold on you or would exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Rita Data B.V.
    Phone: +32495387902
    Address: Jacob Van Lennepkade 21H, 1054ZE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Kvk nr: 85293776