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Questions about the Rewards we offer

What rewards can I get on Rita?

All rewards are montetary. We pay our users in cash whcih will be transferred directly into your bank account.

How are my rewards calculated

Our rewards are currently partner dependent.

How can I earn more with Rita?

We currently have action based rewards, you can earn more by uploading your data on a regular basis, keeping the chrome extension connected, reffering users or completing surveys

How can I claim my rewards?

We currently use Stripe as a withdrawal platform. Using Stripe connect you can easily connect your email and bank account to receive your withdrawals once you have reached our minimum withdrawal amount. We are currently working on adding other payment providers (Revolut, Tink and Paypal) which will be available soon

Do you have a minimum withdrawal amount?

Our minimum cashout is 4EUR. After you have reached this threshold you will be able to connect to our payment provider (Stripe) to cashout

How often can I calim my rewards?

You may cashout whenever you like, as long as the withdrawal threshold has been met