It's your data, own it.

Collect, view and control your data. Smoothly, and in total privacy.

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Three steps to get back in control

Collect and understand your data from your favorite websites.
Get an immediate overview of your digital footprint and understand what companies know about you and do with your data.
Choose which information companies can and can’t access. Rita’s data management tools allow you to be in full control within seconds.

Here are some examples of what you can see in your dashboard

See your digital footprint and visualize your data in a simplified and understandable way.

Test here!



by advertisers

Been tracked by



Clicked on



Input your daily hours online

How can I improve my data safety?

Tools to get your data back in shape

Restrict access

Choose which companies can have access to your data.


Unsubscribe from annoying mailing lists.

Manage ads

Have complete control over which and what kind of ads you want to see.

Adjust settings

Make sure you have chosen correct privacy settings.

Is my data safe with you?

We can't and don't want to see your data.

Your file is encrypted and stored on your device, so we can’t access it. You are the only one who has access and can choose who can and can’t look at it.

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Still not sure?

If you change your mind you can delete your file from Rita dashboard any time. Forever.

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Proof is in the numbers

Let the numbers show you how serious we are about our product.


Data Points Presented


Total Data Value



What our users say.


"Rita gave me trust and transparency. What really appeals to me is that it allows me to take control of data that I wasn’t even aware I was giving away to big companies."


"It is fantastic how user-friendly RITA is. It makes managing valuable and complex data really easy, effective and accessible to everybody. Plus, the platform fosters curiosity as well as awareness, this is why I keep using it!"


“Rita helped me understand the value of my data”