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Your consented data will remain secure and anonymous.


You don’t need to be an engineer to control your data, it can be done in minutes.


Personalised data dashboards allow you to keep track of your favourite data points every week.

How does Rita Extension work?


We know your data is a very sensitive issue. That is why we prepared a list of most commonly asked questions

What data does Rita store?

By default, we store your login credentials, email, and encrypted password, as well as the date and time you create your account. These credentials are necessary to log you into the app and send rewards. All other data is securely stored in a 3-layer encryption database hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Paris, France. AWS is GDPR compliant and provides robust security features, ensuring the protection of our users' data. We also maintain strict access controls to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

We are committed to transparency and building trust with our users. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our privacy technologies, feel free to reach out to us at info@ritapersonaldata.com. We are always happy to explain more in a chat!

How does Rita make money?

We only make money when you earn rewards. If you decide to share insights from your data with our partner brands, we ask them for a 10% fee on the reward given to you. E.g. if a brand offers you 4 euros for insights about your data, and you accept, we will ask them for 0.4 euros as a fee.

When you decide to share insights with our partner brands for rewards, we process and store your data on our secure, privacy-focused AWS infrastructure. This allows us to clean and elaborate on your data while ensuring its safety. The insights we share with brands are always aggregated and anonymized, e.g., 2000 people looked for red cars this week. Your individual data is never shared without your explicit consent.

Who owns Rita?

Rita Data B.V. is an independent private company based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company is privately owned by its founders and pre-seed investors. Investors include Pitchdrive VC and leaders from the Data, Privacy, and fintech space such as Felix Van de Maele, Stijn (Stan) Christiaens, and Hristo Borisov.

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